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Backup using the Android-docomo application

2017/12/05 iPhone

Docomo Data Copy docomo Smartphone / Tablet (AndroidX NUMX or more) Launch "Data Copy" on the application list screen and select "Backup & Restore". ※ "Docomo Backup" application ...

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Backup using Android-au application

2017/11/26 Android

au backup application - 2015 compatible with Android smartphones released before 4 month - Back up various data saved on smartphone to SD card, other smart phones when changing models ...

Android app recommendation game 【2017 year 11 monthly version】

2017/11/18 Android

Gakuen Senki Planet Wars 'Gakuen Senki Planet Wars' is a TPS style science fiction action RPG. School girls who solve various quests while becoming intimate with female student "Senhime" with high fighting power ...

Tethering on Android to make an instant Wifi environment

2017/11/17 Android

Turn on wifi tethering Tap "Settings" from home screen or application list. Tap "Other settings" Tap "tethering". Check box to the right of "wifi tethering" ...

Introducing popular free wallpaper app on iphone

2017/11/16 iPhone

iPhone 私のライブ壁紙 Patternator パターンメーカーの背景と壁紙 10000+ 壁紙- テーマ & 背景 for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch 壁紙 XCHARX

How to speed up when iPhone is heavy (slow operation)

2017/11/15 iPhone

Stop the background application Press "Home button" twice in a row quickly → Display application icons and images → swipe the application image upwards → sweep all the way down → return to the home screen with the "Home button". Me ...

How to restore iPhone data from iCloud

2017/11/14 iPhone

After reset, you can restore from iCloud backup during the initial setup operation. Reset method Select settings on the home screen. Select General. Select Reset. Select erase all content and settings ...

How to speed up when Android is heavy (slow operation)

2017/11/14 Android

Quit the background application. Even if the application is terminated, it is often that it continues running in the background, so you must stop the application manually. "Settings" -> "application" -> "running application ...

Tethering with an iPhone to make an instant Wifi environment

2017/11/13 iPhone

Tap "Mobile data communication" from "Settings" on Home screen Tap "Internet share" Toggle on / off of "Internet share" Tap to turn on Wi-Fi / Blue ...

iPhone application Recommended game 【2017 year 11 monthly version】

2017/11/12 iPhone

ドラゴンクエストライバルズ 「ドラゴンクエスト」シリーズ待望のスマートフォン向けデジタルカードゲームが登場! 対戦カードバトルで紡がれる 新たなるドラゴンクエスト ドラゴンクエストに登場するキャラク …

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